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Trina the rapper with black hair
Mary J Blige on the 1998 cover of Ebony Magazine

The real use of lace products


Lace hair products were originally meant for theater, television, and film production. However, these products became very popular in everyday wear. When I first noticed them being popularized in everyday wear was in 2008-2010.

At first, I thought it was a dope idea. I liked the way they looked. I liked that they looked so natural on the girls and woman on television. When I was a teenager all the video vixens and popular actresses at the time had the best hair! Trina and Vivica Fox were my top favorites!

I did the iconic Trina middle part in high school and it has had me in a choke hold ever since. I always wondered how their hair was sooooo perfect. Then, when I started watching Tyra Banks and her Americas next top model show, her hair ate! Tyra’s hair gave me life! I was always looking for where her hair started and where her hair ended and I could never tell.

Then I saw Mary J Blige on a magazine cover and I was looking for the same thing with her hair. Where did it end and where did it start? Someone told me she had every single one of her hair strands fused at the ends with hair extension hair. Could you image? Fusing a single strand of hair with a single strand of hair? That would take days! Hahahaha! Although it would probably be the best and most expensive hair extensions out, I would have to charge a million dollars a client.

I digress, so when I actually found out how they were achieving these looks, the lightbulb went off in my head. So, when woman started coming into the hair salon to get this service, I realized it wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be.

Back when we first started installing them for everyday wear, women were shaving off there edges and using glue to lay down the lace. Then if the lace wasn’t sticking, they would call and complain every time it lifted up. That was enough for me to pass on doing it because I hate being harassed by clients lol.

On top of that I did not fully like the way they looked in the front. There was so many cons that for about the next 7-8 years I was not interested in the service. Then, the wave started coming back around and these new stylist took it to a whole other level! Bay Be! They had that lace laid! They were not using glue and the hair line looked more natural than the natural hair line.

Tokyo Stylez was one of the new stylist to take it all the way there and was such a big inspiration for me to try lace products again. I started doing them before I took his class back in 2016. After taking his class I came back to Denver and was one of the first stylist to start with the modern version of lace melting. My clients loved it! I was able to maintain the health of their natural hair and create a natural looking lace hair pieces.

We had to implement some rules of course, because they was not about to drive me crazy talking bout how they lace was lifting every dang day. After working out a few kinks it was very successful for me. I’m still on the fence till this day only because of the time it takes to prepare the lace, install, and style, and leaving it on for long period of times is not recommended. The amount of time it takes to make look perfect, braid down, style, lay the lace, I just hate to charge what I feel is adequate because of how long it last.

I do have clients who I sew them on, so it last longer. However, at the end of the day its up to you to maintain the lace. If you want your lace melt to look like god himself laid it, then its your responsibility to maintain it in between visits to your stylist. Otherwise it looks a hot gross mess. I don’t mind even laying your lace once a week as long as you come in with it clean and ready to go. If you have a stylist that has the time to lay your lace and do a full service once a week, even better. If not, then you need to learn how to maintain it at home because these are not meant for everyday wear.

I see now stylist coming up with adhesives that you can spray on top of the lace to melt it. Water proof adhesives, and adhesives that last for a month. Even with that, the look and maintenance is ultimately left up to you.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The cost of hair extensions vary. First, you need to understand that it depends on the quality of hair extensions that are going to determine the cost. Single donor hair is always going to cost more than multi donor hair.

Single donor hair is hair that is cut straight off the head with the live cuticle in tact in the natural direction. Single donor hair has a one directional cuticle fully intact. Single donor hair is hair that each bundle of hair comes from one person. Multiple single donor bundles can be combined together to create the weight, however each bundle before being combined comes from one person.

Multi donor bundles comes from hair that comes from multiple people and multiple sources. This hair is collected from villages, homes, barber shops, beauty shops and other sources. The hair is collected from brokers and is sold to the factory by the ton. Once the hair is bought by the factory, the cuticle is shaved down and then a faux cuticle is placed on the hair.

Single donor hair can always be made 100% healthy because it has a live cuticle. Because of the live cuticle, the hair last a lifetime. Human hair is immortal and does night die. Typically the hair when worn can last 2-10 years depending on the care. Just like your natural hair you can damage the hair and that will take away for the length of time it last.

Multi donor hair has a life span of 6 months to 2 years. Once the faux cuticle washes off, the hair is no longer usable because the cuticles that are in multiple directions and shaved down stick together. Multi donor human hair can be curled, colored, flat ironed, and bleached.

Now that you understand the difference between single donor hair and multi donor here is how to understand the pricing. For single donor hair the cost is going to be starting at $165 for 12″ and $345 for 32″. These prices are very competitive with this level of hair extensions. This level of hair can also be much more expensive or slightly less.

For Multi donor hair prices are going to start at around $80 up to about $260 per bundle. This is also very competitive for this level hair. This hair could also be priced slightly lower. Hair that is significantly less and hair that is priced at $260 for three 28″ bundles is going to be more of a type of fiber and hair mix. Hair priced very low in most cases is a mix of human hair and fiber/material.

When it comes to race, cheap in expensive hair mixed with fiber or just fiber is marketed towards black woman, and hair mixed with fiber or just material that is very expensive is marketed to white woman and other ethnicities of white woman.

Not one is better than the other, its about what you prefer. The only way you are going to know what you prefer is to wear different hair. There are pros and cons with all choices. However, the wear is also a life style choice. I prefer single donor hair because I like the way real hair wears. I can shampoo and condition as often as I like and I can always guarantee my end result.

I can always guarantee my end result by using joico products. Their products replace the amino acids in human hair to achieve and maintain 100% healthy hair every time I shampoo and condition. The hair gets better and better every time I shampoo and condition so I am able to rotate out my hair extension textures, styles, and lengths. By doing that, there is hair I have had for 10 years and I can still use it when I want to wear it again.

Hair is one of the best beauty investments you can ever make and single donor hair is a really good choice. However, I will use multi donor hair. The reason I will depends on if what I need is not available in single donor options. Multi donor wears really really nicely, just doesn’t last as long. My favorite multi donor kinky straight wig finally became unwearable after about 2 years. I was sad. I have some new ones that I will transition too. I am so accustomed to single donor hair and how long it last, I was actually shocked and confused when I realized why my wig was not acting right.

Which Brand is Best For Hair Extensions

All Brands have their own niche. Blonc Virgin Hair’s niche is to provide 100% Human Hair with lots of options. We offer 1000s of option combinations and also education. We offer wholesale opportunities as well.

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