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Person standing in front of grey background divided into to sides on the right side is the person with their natural short hair wearing a white tee shirt and the person on the left side with hair extension clip ins added to their natural hair for length fullness and color wearing a white tee shirt and blue jeans this person and another person express their disapproval for their natural hair before wearing the clip in extensions while moving around walking and showing the hair extensions in their hands in front of a white background after having the luxury hair extensions installed in the hair the two people show they approve of the hair extensions in their hair
six people wearing black tops and five in blue jean shorts and one in black skirt standing outside in front of a pool one with kinky curly hair and a ombre one with afro curly hair one with bone straight hair one with textured straight hair one with natural curly hair and one with kinky straight hair
Six people outside standing in front of a brown wood background have on black tops and blue jean bottoms all wearing different hairstyles one with kinky curly hair and ombre color one with really long straight hair one with kinky curly straight hair and middle part one with afro curly long hair one with natural curly long hair and one with textured straight ombre hair
Four people in a picture with black dresses on standing two on the left facing right and two on the right facing left angled toward the center focal point onw with straight long hair and middle part one with bangs and straight long hair one with curly hair and one with blonde long hair all standing in front of a blue background    rd the c
The people wearing white tops and  long grey thigh high socks sitting down posing wearing long hair wigs one curly one textured straight and one body wave the people are moving around and posing
A person in front of a blue back ground with the words after in front on the right side is wearing a blonde wig on the left side the person is wearing their natural short hair in front of a white background with the words after the people are moving around in black cat suites with colorful wigs on


Ethically Sourced

Our hair is sourced from the original origin. Our single donor bundles have a natural cuticle. Our multi donor bundles are 100% human hair.

Inclusive In All Things Hair

No matter your texture, color, or challenges, you deserve complete confidence.

High Quality

Superior quality hair gives the best results when wearing, styling, cutting, curling, or using a flat iron! Enjoy vacations and everyday life with these easy to use high quality hair extensions.

Long Lasting

Enjoy the ease of long lasting hair! 100% human hair is immortal and never dies. A natural one directional cuticle hair will last as long as you care for it. Using hydrating shampoos and conditioners such as joico moisture recovery and hydra splash products will bring the hair back to life with every shampoo and condition.


Choose from 15 different textures! Bone Straight, Textured Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight, Natural Wavy, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Natural Curly, Signature Curly, Kinky Curly, Afro Kinky Curly and More! Our Single Donor hair patterns are all different so choosing the one you want will customize your look! Some patterns are steamed into the hair using metal rods.


Select from an array of dark natural shades or lighter natural shades that are translucent, reflect light creating a natural shine and best natural appearance to match any natural dark or lighter tone. Blonde options are always available including blonde ombre. Our factory offers hundreds of color combinations that can be custom ordered if not in stock in sales office or warehouses. Our single donor hair and Indian gold level hair can always be custom colored at home or with a salon professional.

Human Hair

With the option of single donor or multi donor choosing what is best for you is always going to be a human hair product. Our single donor option comes from a live human head. The hair is parted down the center and across from ear to ear creating four sections. Each section is bound and shaved off at the head. The hair is never moved from its natural direction. Our multi donor hair is collected from multiple sources and is brought into the factory by the ton. The natural cuticle is now facing in multiple directions is shaved down and replaced by a faux cuticle.

You can always use curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, pressing comb or any heated tool to style single donor or multi donor hair extensions.


Machine weft, handtied wefts, clip-ins, tape ins, wigs, beaded wefts, I-tips, U-tips, K-tips, Micro tips, Tape roll, Front lace wigs, full lace wigs, machine made wigs, U part wigs, Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, 360 Lace pieces, toppers and more extension options available!

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